Channel 9889-nmda

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: cat
  • Brain Area: thalamus
  • Neuron Type: thalamocortical relay cell (TC, TCR), thalamic reticular (RE) cell
  • Subtype: NMDA

Metadata generic

  • Age: adult
  • Authors: A Destexhe
  • Comments: Simple synaptic mechanism derived for first order kinetics of binding of transmitter to postsynaptic receptors. By a destexhe & z mainen (1993), in destexhe, mainen & sejnowski (1994). Simple nmda based on gaba synapse (gaba-a) in gabalow.mod. The paper references destexhe et al. 1994c and lytton 1996 for synaptic channels. Modeling study, with animal model from previous experimental results used in the paper (steriade and contreras 1995).
  • Temperature: No temperature dependence.

Current Response Traces

No traces available for this channel.