Channel 82364-h

General data

Metadata classes

  • Brain Area: hippocampus, cortex, entorhinal cortex
  • Neuron Type: pyramidal cell
  • Runtime Q: Q3
  • Subtype: h

Metadata generic

  • Age: 14-28 days
  • Authors: Unknown
  • Comments: I-h channel from magee (1998). Could be similar to migliore (eg. 32992), but it looks like they implemented in separately. No ancestor channel listed. Animal model is from experiments in this paper. Channel kinetics were loosely based on previous study (magee 1998), on hippocampal pyramidal neurons.
  • Runtime: 14.209
  • Temperature: Model has temperature dependence. Simulations and experiments done at ~33 deg C.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential