Channel 149739-LCa

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: rodent
  • Brain Area: olfactory bulb (OB), glomerular layer (GL), external plexiform layer (EPL)
  • Neuron Region: soma, dendrites, apical dendrites, lateral dendrites, dendritic tuft (apical tuft)
  • Neuron Type: mitral cell
  • Runtime Q: Q1 (fast)
  • Subtype: L-type

Metadata generic

  • Authors: A Davison.
  • Comments: Lca calcium channel with fixed reversal potential, implemented in rubin and cleland 2006, kinetics from bhalla and bower 1993, model no. 2733, adapted from nachan.mod, by a davison, 1998. Model is identical to ancestor channel, but table may be different. This model is used in mitral cell model.
  • Runtime: 7.208
  • Temperature: Model has no apparent temperature dependence. Simulations done at 35 deg C.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential