Channel 150240-ITGHK

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: Wistar, rat
  • Brain Area: cortex, retina, thalamocortical circuit, layer 4
  • Neuron Region: unspecified
  • Neuron Type: pyramidal cell, thalamocortical relay cell (TC, TCR)
  • Runtime Q: Q4 (slow)
  • Subtype: T-type

Metadata generic

  • Age: 4-6 weeks, 14-25 days
  • Authors: A Destexhe
  • Comments: Low threshold ca current, in thalamocortical cells. Based on data from huguenard & mccormick (1992), and huguenard & prince (1992). Written by a destexhe, 1995. Includes ghk formulation, model taken from and described in detail in destexhe et al. 1998, model no. 279. This model has the following change: solver method changed from cnexp to euler (line 73). This reference is not mentioned in paper, but model is assumed to come from here due to reference in mod file. Paper features in vitro experiments on rat thalamus, which are used along with the model. Parameter values for active kinetics may have been changed to fit voltage clamp data in this paper.
  • Runtime: 8.212
  • Temperature: q10 is split into 5 for m and 3 for h parts of HH formulation, to get a temperature of 36 deg C.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential