Channel 157157-Nasoma

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  • Brain Area: hippocampus
  • Neuron Region: unspecified
  • Neuron Type: pyramidal cell, axo-axonic cell (AAC), basket cell, bistratified cell
  • Subtype: not specified

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  • Authors: Saudargiene A, Cobb S, Graham BP
  • Comments: COMMENT Sodium current for the soma References: 1. Martina, M., Vida, I., and Jonas, P. Distal initiation and active propagation of action potentials in interneuron dendrites, Science, 287:295-300, 2000. soma axon-lacking dend axon-bearing dend Na+ gmax 107 ps/um2 117 ps/um2 107 ps/um2 slope 10.9 mV/e 11.2 mV/e 11.2 mV/e V1/2 -37.8 mV -45.6 mV -45.6 mV 2. Marina, M. and Jonas, P. Functional differences in Na+ channel gating between fast-spiking interneurons and principal neurones of rat hippocampus, J. Physiol., 505.3:593-603, 1997. *Note* The interneurons here are basket cells from the dentate gyrus. Na+ Activation V1/2 -25.1 mV slope 11.5 Activation t (-20 mV) 0.16 ms Deactivation t (-40 mV) 0.13 ms Inactivation V1/2 -58.3 mV slope 6.7 onset of inactivation t (-20 mV) 1.34 ms onset of inactivation t (-55 mV) 18.6 ms recovery from inactivation t 2.0 ms (30 ms conditioning pulse) recovery from inactivation t 2.7 ms (300 ms conditioning pulse) ENDCOMMENT
  • Temperature: celsius = 24 (degC), q10 = 3^((celsius - 24)/10)

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