Channel 156120-Na_pyr_bk

General data

Metadata classes

  • Neuron Region: single compartment
  • Neuron Type: inhibitory, generic, excitatory
  • Runtime Q: Q1 (fast)
  • Subtype: not specified

Metadata generic

  • Authors: R van Elburg
  • Comments: Sodium current, written by ronald van elburg, taken from model for fast spiking neuron in tegner et al. (2002). All parameters were as in jensen et al. (2005). No apparent modeldb ancestors. Modeling study that uses experimental results from humans, rats and mice (van aerde et al. 2009; linkenkaer-hansen et al. 2001; montez et al. 2009; poil et al. 2011). Animal model and neuron model are considered generic.
  • Runtime: 4.431
  • Temperature: No temperature dependence.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential