Channel 108459-kaprox

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: Wistar, rat
  • Brain Area: somatosensory cortex, layer 5, cortex
  • Neuron Region: soma, dendrites
  • Neuron Type: pyramidal cell
  • Runtime Q: Q3
  • Subtype: A

Metadata generic

  • Age: 3-6 weeks old
  • Authors: M Migliore
  • Comments: A-type potassium channel from schaefer et al. (2003), model no. 83344. Experiments and modeling -- animal model info is from experimental methods, but the modeling morphology is also from a l5 pyramidal neuron (stuart & spruston, 1998).
  • Runtime: 7.965
  • Temperature: Model has temperature dependence, with q10 set to 5 and original kinetics at 24 deg C. Simulations done here at 35 deg C.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential