Channel 232813-kcnab2

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: Zebra Fish
  • Brain Area: medial nucleus of trapezoid body (MNTB) (brainstem)
  • Neuron Region: unspecified
  • Neuron Type: Mauthner cell
  • Subtype: 1.1

Metadata generic

  • Age: 2-7 dpf
  • Authors: Watanabe T, Shimazaki T, Oda Y
  • Comments: : kcnab2.mod codes low-threshold K+ channel Kv1.1 coexpressed with Kvbeta2b/kcnab2b in zebrafish. : Default parameters of a H-H equation are fitted to our experimental data : by using our channel generator. : : Takaki Watanabe :
  • Temperature: q10 = 3^((celsius - 20)/10)

Current Response Traces

Action Potential