Channel 149100-SKv3_1

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: rat
  • Brain Area: layer 5, cortex
  • Neuron Region: soma, axon
  • Neuron Type: pyramidal cell, tufted cell
  • Runtime Q: Q2
  • Subtype: 3.1

Metadata generic

  • Age: P14
  • Authors: E Hay
  • Comments: Kv3.1 current. Reference: characterization of a shaw-related potassium channel family in rat brain, the embo journal, vol. 11, no. 7. (1992). Taken from hay et al. (2011), model no. 139653, with no changes (identical mod file). Modeling study, with experiments originally described in le be et al. (2007). Animal model is from there.
  • Runtime: 7.547
  • Temperature: No temperature dependence. Simulations done here at 34 deg C.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential