Channel 62266-B_A

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: rat, cat
  • Brain Area: spinal cord, lumbar enlargement (L3-6).
  • Neuron Region: unspecified
  • Neuron Type: motoneuron
  • Runtime Q: Q1 (fast)
  • Subtype: A

Metadata generic

  • Age: 4-15 days old
  • Authors: B Safronov
  • Comments: Hh k-a channel. Based on recordings from the soma of a dorsal horn neuron (wolff et al. 1998), modified for motoneuron data (safronov and vogel 1995) and ca1 pyramidal neuron (klee et al. 1995). Ancestry unclear, none listed. Modeling study with some experimental results. Kinetics based partially off of earlier studies. Animal model from experiments here.
  • Runtime: 7.019
  • Temperature: Model has temperature dependence, with default at 6.3 deg C. Simulations were done at 37 deg C, and experiments for kinetics were done at 21-24 deg C.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential